RoadHawk Locking Box RoadHawk Locking BoxRoadHawk Locking BoxRoadHawk Locking Box

RoadHawk Locking Box

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The Locking Box solution for the RoadHawk HD dash camera prevents any user from removing the SD card or the power cable from the camera without using the supplied key. Also compatible with the RoadHawk DC-2 Camera and the new RoadHawk HD-2.

The camera may still be removed from the camera mount with the locking box in place.

This solution was created for TFL approval of RoadHawk Dash Cameras.

The advantage with our locking box is that the camera can be removed from the vehicle within seconds once the box has been unlocked from the camera.

PLEASE NOTE: This locking box is only suitable for the RoadHawk HD-2, RoadHawk HD and RoadHawk DC-2.



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